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The Supply Chain Learning Center offers FREE downloadable pieces of premium content that provides industry professionals and corporate leaders of the supply chain the insights, trends, best practices and technologies used to keep the industry operating efficiently and effectively.

The Supply Network's Exclusive Visibility Series:

The Supply Chain Network presents a FREE 4-part white paper series which breaks down grocery retail, last mile and warehouse automation, and reveals how procurement software, enterprise resource planning (ERP), warehouse management systems (WMS), robotics and other automated solutions are being implemented.

Part One

How Modern Supply Chain Risks Necessitate Supply Chain Visibility

World events and technological innovations are ushering in a new era for the supply chain industry. Discover how industry professionals and corporate leaders are implementing system integration and supply chain visibility to manage and prevent delays, such as raw material shortages, impending weather threats, labor unrest, demand spikes and other potential factors.

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Part Two

Visibility in the Grocery Delivery Supply Chain

An increase in online ordering, dark stores and micro-fulfillment centers is driving change in the grocery supply chain. Uncover the logistics behind grocery retail, how top companies are working to meet same-day delivery and what forms of technology are best for mitigating supply chain risks.


Part Three

Landing on the Doorstep: Achieving Last-Mile Delivery

Several modern processes and economies of scale have been incorporated into the shipment of goods throughout the supply chain network, but delivering packages along the last leg have continued to be slow and costly. Uncover how the pandemic revealed a lack of preparation in the supply chain, and how top-companies are implementing innovative last-mile solutions — allowing for the supply chain to adapt and overcome monumental challenges.

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Part Four

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The Race to Automation and Visibility

An important step in achieving last-mile delivery and supply chain success is improving warehouse and distribution center efficiencies. Supply chain managers are adding technologies to their systems to keep up with an uptick in e-commerce demand and perennial workforce shortages. Meanwhile, the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have only fueled consumer expectations for faster ordering and deliveries, quickening the pace of technology adoption. Uncover how top companies are progressively investing in warehouse technology, including what systems and how they are successfully implementing them.


Supply & Demand Chain Executive

The State of E-Commerce and Its Supply Chain

E-commerce has been an important term and concept in the retail industry for the last two decades, with continued growth since its inception. By downloading this piece of premium content, supply chain professionals and executives can gleam insight into consumer-driven trends, the technology helping top companies adapt and the rise of e-commerce strategies that will change the supply chain as we know it.

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Food Logistics

The Future of Cold Food Chains Report

This report provides access to interviews with several industry experts who discuss everything from dark stores and foodservice to technologies, solutions, packaging and the state of freight and ports. Discover where the future of the cold food and beverage industry is headed by downloading this FREE asset.


Supply & Demand Chain Executive

How the COVID-19 Vaccine Changed the Pharma Supply Chain

The pandemic has revealed both strengths and weaknesses in the supply chain. Discover how the pharmaceutical supply chain globalized, how and what technologies were created to support the sector's demands, what major threats companies need to watch out for and how the COVID-19 pandemic will have everlasting impacts on the supply chain.

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