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SCPro™ Certification FAQs



Q: How do I apply for the SCPro™ Certification 

A: SCPro™ Level One Application 

Q: I have applied in the past but have never taken the certification; do I need to reapply? 

A: Yes, we ask that you complete a more up to date application for our records as your experience or education may have changed since you last applied. 

Q: Do I have to be a member of CSCMP to apply for an SCPro™ Certification? 

A: No, you do not have to be a member to complete an SCPro™ Certification.  Members do however receive discounts on all CSCMP products including SCPro™ Certification materials and exams. 

Q: Is there a cost to apply to the SCPro™ Certification? 

A: If you are not a member of CSCMP there is an application fee that can be found here.  If you are a member of CSCMP, this fee is waived.  If you are interested in becoming a member of CSCMP, please contact us at


Q: When will I get a response to my application? 

A: Typically, you should hear back about your application within one business week of submitting.  If you have not, please contact us at


Preparing for your exam 


Q: How long should I spend preparing for my exam? 

A: The amount of time spent studying for an SCPro™ exam can vary based on experience and education.  We recommend that you spend at least one week per learning block totaling eight weeks of preparation.  We understand that most individuals taking the exam are full-time practitioners so this may also vary based on your current workload. 


Q: How do I access my study materials? 

A: After purchasing study materials, you will be contacted within the next two business days with access to your materials.  If after two business days, you have not been contacted with your materials reach out to us at


Q:  How long do I have access to my study materials? 

A:  Access to the SCPro™ Level One Study Materials never closes.  Access to SCPro™ Level Two Materials expires after one year.  Please note, if you have purchased your exam with your materials your exam must be taken within one year of your purchase. 

Q: Is there an online course that I can take as part of my exam preparation? 

A: Currently, we do not offer any courses for exam preparation.  All SCPro™ Certification preparation is self-paced and self-guided with the study materials offered.

Sitting for your SCPro™ Certification Exam 


Q: How do I take my exam? 

A: All SCPro™ Certification exams are offered online with an online proctor through Proctorio.  When you first purchased your exam, you should have received directions on how to access your exam with all your other certification information.  If you did not receive this or cannot find the directions, contact us at 

Q: Do I have to go to a physical testing location for my exam? 

A: No, exams are available online.  If you are a current student and have access to a testing center and would rather take it there, we can accommodate you.  Please just contact us at 

Q: How long is my certification exam? 

A: SCPro™ Level One is a 4-hour time limit with 160 multiple choice questions 

Q: What score do I need to achieve to pass my SCPro™ Certification Exam? 

A: SCPro™ Level One: 65% or higher 

Q: I bought my exam over a year ago can I still sit for my exam? 

A: Yes, you can take your exam but will first need to pay a rescheduling fee.  Per CSCMP policy, all SCPro™ Certification Exams must be taken within one year of purchase. 

Q: Can I take my SCPro™ Certification exam without purchasing study materials? 

A: Yes, this is allowed but we do not recommend doing this. 

Q: Can I have any items with me during my certification exam? 

A: Yes, test takers are allowed a writing utensil, blank piece of paper for notes and a handheld calculator.  For the SCPro™ Level One Certification, a calculator and a formula sheet will also be available within the certification exam online.


Q: Can I see the formula sheet before my exam? 

A: No, the formula sheet will only be available within the exam.


Q: Can I take a break during the exam? 

A: Yes, you can take breaks during the exam, but the exam timer will not be paused.   

Completed exam 

Q: I passed my certification exam; when will I get my certificate? 

A: CSCMP will be notified when your certification exam is completed.  CSCMP will then review your proctoring video footage to ensure that all testing expectations were met.  For this process, please allow 2-3 business days. 

Q: Can I retake my certification exam if I did not pass on my first attempt? 

A: Yes, you can retake your certification exam.  You must wait at least 30 days from your original exam date to sit for your retake.  A retake fee must also be paid before sitting for your certification exam. 

Q: How many times can I retake my certification exam? 

A: CSCMP allows up to two retakes.  If a second retake is needed, the waiting period between exams is the same.


Maintaining your certification 


Q: How often do I need to renew my certification? 

A: SCPro™ Level One is every two years from your certification date  

Q: How do I renew my certification? 

A: 25 CEUs every two years as well as a completed renewal fee is required to renew your certification.  CEUs can be submitted here. For more information visit our renewal requirements page. 

Q: What counts as a CEU? 

A: A CEU is one hour of education or professional development related to supply chain or logistics.  Some activities include but are not limited to: 

  • Webinars 

  • Trainings 

  • Attendance at conferences like CSCMP's Annual Global Conference, EDGE.

  • CSCMP Roundtable events (must be an educational event) or similar supply chain and logistics events. 

  • Completing an undergraduate or graduate course in supply chain, logistics or a related field.  (5 CEUs per course, limit two courses per year) 

  • Teaching an undergraduate or graduate course in supply chain, logistics or a related field.  (5 CEUs per course, limit two courses per year) 

  • Successful achievement of a similar certification or credential.  (5 CEUs per certification or credential) 

  • CSCMP membership (5 CEUs annually) 

  • Any course or event offered by our CEU partners 


Please note, a CEU activity does not need to be delivered by CSCMP to count towards your renewal. You also do not need to be a current member of CSCMP to renew your certification. 

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